Programme of the “11th Berlin Conference on Life Sciences – Novel Antimicrobials and AMR Diagnostics”

Opening Session
8:45 Introduction
8:50 Welcome address
Frank Emmrich, Director Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology IZI, GER
9:00 Setting the scene
Marc Gitzinger, CEO BioVersys AG, CH and Vice-President, BEAM Alliance
Plenary Session


Addressing drug-resistant infections: a global and collaborative endeavour
Jean-Pierre Paccaud, Director Business Development,
Global Antibiotics Research and Development Partnership (GARDP)

Feeding the AMR pipeline through innovation – challenges and solutions for European SMEs
Mark Jones, Head of Project Management, Basilea Pharmaceutica Ltd, CH; Secretary, BEAM Alliance

Replenishing and Enabling the Pipeline for Anti-Infective Resistance
Aleks Engel, Partner Novo Seeds and Director, Novo Holdings Repair Impact Fund, DK
George E Griffin, Chair of fund SAB, Novo Holdings Repair Impact Fund and Emeritus Professor of Infectious Diseases and Medicine, St George’s, University of London, UK
The challenge of bringing successful AMR diagnostics to the clinic
Jorge Villacian, Chief Medical Officer, Janssen Diagnostics,
Janssen Pharmaceutical R&D, Johnson & Johnson, BE
10:30    Coffee break with posters & exhibition

Session 1
Market access in the era of AMR - from idea to product

Session 2
From basic research to market - recent
academic anti-infective and diagnostics innovations
11:00 The patent perspective: How to protect IP in a field of multiple public, private and public/private collaborations? 
Markus Engelhard, Partner, Boehmert & Boehmert, GER
11:00 Introduction: The value of academic research in AMR innovations
Herman Goossens, Head of LMM, Vaccine & Infectous Disease Institute, University of Antwerp, BE
Handling innovative approaches in traditional clinical settings & new routes for efficacy evaluation
  • Introduction: A new breakthrough class of Gram-negative antibiotics
    Glenn Dale, Head of Antibiotic Research and Early Development, Polyphor Ltd, CH
  • Panel discussion: "Efficacy evaluation for novel antimicrobial approaches: current challenges and new routes"
    - Guennaëlle Dieppois, Senior Scientist, Debiopharm, CH
    - Johan Mouton, Chair, National AST Committee, EUCAST
    - Nicolas Tesse, Scientific Director, Neteos Groupe, FR
    - Glenn Dale, Head of Early Development, Polyphor Ltd, CH
    - Jean-Pierre Paccaud, Director Business Development, GARDP

Tackling AMR via innovative natural products
Rolf Müller, Managing Director, Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland & Coordinator "Novel Antibiotics", German Center for Infection Research (DZIF), GER

First clinical results of cold plasma treated chronic infected wounds
Kai Masur, Principal Investigator, Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology, GER

Identification of novel antimicrobials using cell-free systems
Stefan Kubick, Head of Department of Cell-free and Cell-based Bioproduction, Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology IZI, GER 


Accelerating diagnostics use to prevent AMR on a global level
Catharina Boehme, CEO, FIND Diagnostics

Antibiotics research at the Institut Pasteur in Paris and in the Institut Pasteur International Network
Philippe Glaser, Institut Pasteur, F
Sustainable economic models to revitalise antibiotic development - lessons learned from DRIVE AB
Christine Årdal, Senior Advisor, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, NO
Diagnostic tools to distinguish between bacterial and viral infections to reduce antibiotic abuse
Per Venge, Professor, Uppsala University, SE
Panel discussion: How to bring AMR innovation to the market?
- Panel chair: Christine Årdal, Senior Advisor, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, NO
- Anders Karlén, Leader of the managing entity at ENABLE, & Professor, Uppsala University, SE
- Ghada Zoubiane, Science Lead of the Drug Resistant Infection Program, Wellcome Trust, UK
- Jorge Villacian, Chief Medical Officer, Janssen Diagnostics, Janssen Pharmaceutical R&D, Johnson & Johnson, BE

Rapid Diagnostics - From Barriers to Solutions for AMR
Till Bachmann, Deputy Head of Division of Infection and Pathway Medicine, University of Edinburgh, UK


12:50 Lunch break with posters & exhibition

Session 3
Technology highlights and challenges - novel antimicrobials

Session 4
Technology highlights and challenges – diagnostics
13:50 Introduction: The value of SMEs in AMR innovations
Marie Petit, Coordinator, BEAM Alliance

Introduction to the session Frauke Hein, CBO, AdrenoMed AG, DE

Platforms, biomarkers, data: an industry perspective on molecular microbiology
Achim Plum, CBO, Curetis N.V., GER

Priority Setting for R&D of New Antibiotics – the WHO Perspective
Sarah Paulin, Technical Officer, Innovation, Access and Use Unit, Essential Medicines and Health Products, World Health Organization
Bringing photonics to the clinic: concept for an user-open center for photonics in infection research
Jürgen Popp, Managing Board, InfectoGnostics Research Campus & Scientific Director, Leibniz Institute for Photonic Technologies, GER
Fostering investment in AMR innovation - the UNCTAD World Investment Forum 2018
Christoph Spennemann, Legal Officer and Officer-in-Charge, Intellectual Property Unit, Division on Investment and Enterprise UNCTAD

Rapid tests to detect antibiotic resistance Bruce Savage CEO, GFC Diagnostics, UK

The need for coordination: the Global AMR R&D Hub
Andrea Spelberg, Head of Division 616 - Global Health Unit, Federal Ministry of Education and Research, GER

Development of diagnostics for antimicrobial resistance – a company perspective
Ralf Ehricht, Senior Principal Scientist Feasibility Studies, Abbott (former Alere Technologies GmbH), GER

Insights into the development of anti-infective therapies in AMR dedicated SMEs in Europe:

  • The development of a synthetic branched peptide for fighting multi-resistant Gram-negative bacteria Alessandro Pini, Founder & President of the Executive Board, SetLance srl PDF
  • Six birds by two stones - the development of ASN100, a monoclonal antibody product candidate targeting Staphylococcus aureus Zoltán Magyarics, Director of Early Clinical Development, Arsanis PDF
  • Artilysin® - an intelligent platform technology to combat MDR pathogens Martin Grießl, Deputy Director R&D, Head of Protein Design, Lysando AG, GER PDF

Ultra-fast Laser PCR Technology for medical diagnostics
Lars Ullerich, Managing Director, GNA Biosolutions, GER

Leveraging technology to spur antibiotic discovery
Mariana Vaschetto, Collaborative Drug Discovery Inc., UK

Concept ≠ Technology ≠ Product. What it takes to create an actionable Dx in the fight against AMR
Kfir Oved, CTO & Co-Founder, MeMed Diagnostics Ltd, ISR

15:30 Coffee break with posters & exhibition
Closing session
Financing and funding opportunities for SMEs and start-ups in the AMR field

Start-up pitch

  • Ajay Mistry, CEO & Co-Founder, Oppilotech, UK
  • Juan José Infante Viñolo, CEO & Co-Founder, Vaxdyn, ES  PDF
  • Andreas A. Bastian, CEO & Co-Founder, AGILeBiotics B.V., NL
  • Daniel Mark, CEO & Co-Founder, SPINDIAG GmbH, GER  PDF
  • Alexander Belcredi, CEO & Co-Founder, PhagoMed, AUT  PDF
  • Danuta Cichocka, CEO & Co-Founder, Resistell, Resistell, CH  PDF
  • Antonio Ornelas Soares, FASTinov, PT

Investor talk: Which business models are worth to invest?

  • Henri-François Boedt, European Investment Bank
  • Kevin Outtersson, Executive Director, CARB-X, US 
  • Beat Steffen, Principal, Novartis Venture Fund, CH
  • Aleks Engel, Partner Novo Seeds and Director, Novo Holdings Repair Impact Fund, DK
  • Emmanuelle Coutanceau, Partner at Novo Seeds, Novo Holdings A/S, DK
  • Peter Jackson, Executive Director, ARMC, UK

    Interactive Marketplace

    • AMRC
    • CARB-X
    • GARDP
    • EIB
    • ENABLE
    • Netherlands Antibiotic Development Platform
    • Wellcome Trust
    • Novo Holdings Repair Impact Fund
    Start-up ceremony
    17:30Networking & reception